About Allen Meyer


Based in Ohio, Allen is a  self-taught professional photographer specializing in commercial, travel, and landscape photography.

What started as a way to document weekend road trips and adventures, along with a few seasons spent living in the back of his car, has developed into a business.

Allen works on a variety of photography projects. From commercial work, to portraiture, to landscape wall art. He has shot for worldwide treehouse builders, wolf sanctuaries, as well as retail stores, restaurants, and much more. 

Allen's focus is in developing creative content for social media and marketing for a variety of brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Allen:

  • How did you learn photography?

    • Over several years of trial and lots and lots of errors. I am a self-taught photographer, however I have certainly spent hours upon hours watching videos and reading from artists I admire to develop new skillsets.

  • What is your favorite subject?

    • I have to say landscapes are the most enjoyable for me. While I certainly enjoy most aspects of photography, my favorite photographs tend to come from nights spent shivering under the stars, or sweating in the desert heat. I love being outdoors, and I love trying to capture images of amazing places.

  • What equipment do you shoot on?

    • Today, my gear that comes on every trip with me includes a Nikon D810 as well as a 15-30mm 2.8 Wide Angle Lens and a 24-70mm 2.8 Lens. This three piece kit keeps it light enough to carry around in a backpack on extended hikes, while maintaining the quality necessary.

  • What types of projects are you available to work?

    • I am available to assist with any image creation needs! Reach out today to start a discussion.

About Our Prints:

  • Where do you print from?

    • I work with a variety of professional photo labs, all in the USA for my prints.

  • How do you recommend prints are framed?

    • I work with a Cincinnati, OH framer, frameshop for all framing needs. Check them out!

  • How long will it take for my order to ship?

    • Our average production time is 1-3 days, after which all orders are immediately shipped out.

  • How long does shipping take?

    • Shipping averages anywhere from 2-7 days throughout the United States?

  • Will I receive tracking information after my order is placed?

    • Tracking information is sent via email promptly upon shipping of each piece.

  • Is my information safe?

    • Absolutely! All payments are processed securely through Stripe. We do not store any credit card information.

  • What is your return policy?

    • As each order is printed custom, we do not accept returns. If an image arrives damaged or with errors in printing, please email us and we will be happy to fix any issues!

  • Can I cancel or change my order?

    • Orders are processed promptly after receiving, and sent immediately to our print lab. We are unable to accomodate order changes after submission.